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Awards & Achievements

2016 Car Craft Real Street Eliminator Champion

The RSE format went back to how it used to be, and away from the team style challenge for 2016. There were a total of 4 Schwartz Chassis-equipped rides competing- 1984 Monte Carlo, 1986 El Camino, 1974 Gremlin, and our 1965 Tempest.
After many runs throughout the weekend, Dale Schwartz in the 1965 Tempest took home the Pro Class win. Dan Howe in the 1984 Monte was very close to winning the late-model class, and Mark Greenisen had the FASTEST time on the autocross of anyone – but due to a lack of horsepower, ended up 3rd from the tie-breaker.

2015 Car Craft Real Street Eliminator Double Champion

The 2015 RSE competition was a team event (dubbed ProAm), featuring a vintage-car team, and modern-car classes. Our customer Adam Koch drove his Schwartz-built 1969 Camaro with Dale Schwartz in the Schwartz 1965 Tempest. Both guys drove the wheels off their cars on the road course, autocross, and speed stop; ultimately winning the vintage class!
Customer Dan Howe drove his Schwartz-equipped 1986 El Camino with Jeff Schwartz in his 2015 Corvette Z06, and also ended up winning the late-model class!
This was a fantastic weekend for the Schwartz team!

2014 Car Craft Real Street Eliminator Champion

Jeff Schwartz driving our 2009 Cadillac CTS-V competed in the Late Model class of Real Street Eliminator. Jeff took first place in the autocross and speed-stop challenges, and was in the top 5 for the dyno challenge. Jeff won Car Craft’s Real Street Eliminator back in 2002 with his 1982 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. He’s got a special relationship with Caddy’s!

2014 Car Craft Real Street Eliminator- Second Place

Our freshly-built Raybestos 1971 Camaro giveaway car proved our chassis and builds are great competitors right out of the box. With minimal tuning, Jeff wrangled the 71 Camaro into second place in the autocross behind a 2200lb carbon fiber-body ’64 Corvette, and top 5 in the dyno challenge and speed stop. This gave us an overall second place in the Muscle Car class!

2014 Car Craft Muscle Car Of The Year (MCOTY)- Second Place

The Raybestos 1971 Camaro debuted at Goodguys Columbus, after being completed just one day prior to the event. We didn’t have much time to prep the car & dial in the suspension before the MCOTY event, which took place the Tuesday after Goodguys Columbus. The Camaro performed exceptionally well for having little track time! Jeff pulled off a second place in the Drag Race portion, with an 11.80 at 127mph, a third place in the Speed Stop, and fifth place in the Autocross. This put us in an overall second place against 9 other vehicles!

2014 Heidts Performance Car Challenge Autocross Shootout Winner

The Heidts Performance Car Challenge at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL is a fun event. Two road race tracks, a speed stop challenge, AND an autocross, this event really shows the potential of the cars competing. Jeff Schwartz, driving our 2009 Cadillac CTS-V won the Autocross shootout on Sunday. The runs were very close, but Jeff was able to pull through with a win!

2014 Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs Win

Jeff Schwartz driving our Cadillac CTS-V took first place in the E Prepared class at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in May 2014. Our CTS-V runs on BFG Rival tires, and has nearly 600 rear wheel Schwartz-power.

2013 Goodguys Indianapolis Autocross Champion

Our LS-powered G-Machine Chassis equipped 1949 Chevy 3100 pickup won the Truck class at the 2013 Goodguys Indy autocross, beating the competition by over TWO SECONDS! Winning this Goodguys autocross places Dale Schwartz into the Pro class for 2013!

2013 Car Craft Pro-Builder

The Car Craft Pro-Builder of the year is held every year during the Car Craft Summer Nationals in St. Paul, MN. Several top car builders around the country come to compete with one of their professionally-built vehicles, where people can vote for their favorite online or in person. Schwartz Performance had the honor of receiving the 2013 Pro-Builder award with their 1967 Chevelle twin-turbo!

2013 Popular Hot Rodding Muscle Car Of The Year (MCOTY)

Our twin-turbo 1981 Pontiac Trans Am competed against many high-end pro-touring cars in a autocross, drag race, and speed-stop challenge. We won the drag race event and placed well in other categories, receiving an overall win! The Muscle Car Of The Year event is an invite-only event that takes place after the Goodguys Columbus event, and puts cars through the paces in a controlled area. Thanks to Popular Hot Rodding Magazine for putting on such an intense event.

2013 Goodguys Nashville Autocross Champion

Our 1949 Chevy 3100 pickup won the Truck class at the 2013 Goodguys Nashvlle autocross. Winning this Goodguys autocross places Jeff Schwartz into the Pro class for 2013!

2012 Goodguys Scottsdale Autocross Champion

Jeff Schwartz driving our Schwartz G-Machine Chassis equipped 1949 Chevy 3100 pickup won the Truck class at the 2012 Goodguys autocross event at Scottsdale, AZ. Jeff beat Craig Morrison of Art Morrison Enterprise in his personal Chevy pickup during this event.

2012 Goodguys Indianapolis Autocross Champion

Our G-Machine Chassis equipped 1965 Pontiac Tempest won the Street Machine class at the 2012 Goodguys Indy autocross, beating the competition by over a half-second. Winning a Goodguys autocross means we are now bumped into the Pro class!

2011 Goodguys Charlotte Vendor Autocross Champion

We at Schwartz Performance like to beat on our shop vehicles at events to prove that we are the leader in bolt-in musclecar chassis. Jeff Schwartz powered the 1965 Pontiac Tempest to first place in the Goodguys Charlotte autocross in 2011. The vendor autocross is specifically for manufacturers, typically of suspension components. This was our first Goodguys Autocross win; and certainly won’t be our last.

2010 Hotrod Power Tour Autocross Shootout Champion

Everyone knows about the Power Tour. Several hundred miles each day, rain or shine, hot or cold, a/c or no a/c. We design our products to handle the everyday needs of individuals who want to have an all-purpose car; whether it be for roadracing, drag racing, autocrossing, or the 1000+ mile Hotrod Power Tour. We proved that by winning the autocross competition during the Hotrod Power Tour, and were a part of the Long Haul Gang (driving start to finish).

2009 Car Craft Real Street Eliminator Champion

Jeff won this event in 2002 with a 1982 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, and was invited again for our 2009 creation, a 1965 Pontiac Tempest. This car had only been on the road for a month, and wasn’t completely dialed in, yet we placed first in the autocross section of the event. This proved that the Schwartz Performance G-Machine chassis was the hot ticket, even in a big GM A-body car.

0-200-0 Champion- 2006 Silverstate Classic Challenge

Jeff Schwartz drove his own Ultima GTR equipped with a twin-turbo LS2 6.0L to 200mph and hit the brakes hard down to zero during the 2006 Silverstate Classic Challenge in Nevada.
Additionally, Jeff accelerated the car to a whopping 211mph within one mile.
Racecar? Yes. Streetcar? Even moreso. Jeff has put 50,000+ miles on his Ultima since its completion in 2003, taking it on a few Hotrod Power Tour Long Hauls, and driving it to events.
Big thanks to Turbonetics, Turbosmart, Baer Brakes, and GM Performance Parts for helping us achieve these standings.

2002 Car Craft Real Street Eliminator Champion

In 2002, Jeff Schwartz was granted the opportunity to run his behemoth of a Cadillac in the Real Street Eliminator competition presented by Car Craft Magazine. There were 5 cars total that competed in an autocross event, timed drag race, ride & drive, and were judged on craftsmanship. Jeff placed first in the drag race with an 11.8 @ 116mph, and 2nd in the autocross against a modified 1978 Trans Am by only a half second.
With all the points added up, Jeff was awarded the 2002 Real Street Eliminator Champion.
This award proved that Jeff knew how to make cars handle, even if they were never intended to. I.e. the basis that Schwartz Performance is built on.