1964-1967 GM A-Body – Chevelle LS Swap engine brackets


Looking to LS swap your 64-67 GM A-Body? You've found the right set of brackets to do so! These quality-engineered pieces put the engine in whichever position is right for your build. Read below for more details on fitment.

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-Fabricated steel construction- provides a strong and rigid engine mounting foundation

-The “008” brackets move the engine/transmission mating plane 1” forward from the stock SB Chevy location to achieve better clearances and drivetrain geometry when installing late model GM automatic and T56 transmissions.
-The “009” brackets maintain the engine/transmission mating plane in the stock SB Chevy location to ease installation when using a GM legacy automatic transmission (TH350, TH400).

-Designed for use with the Holley 302-2 oil pan to provide optimized inner tie rod clearances and U-joint working angles
-Compatible with stock Saginaw or Delphi 600 series power steering boxes (depending on particular accessory drive system used)
-Provides ability to use low-mount A/C compressors in most instances
-Zinc plated finish- provides corrosion protection
-Brackets are bolt-in compatible with Hooker exhaust manifolds, headers, transmission crossmember and exhaust systems for this vehicle application