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Chevrolet Performance 4L75E 4-speed automatic transmission is a great alternative to 4L80e transmissions, since they are smaller, lighter, and have a similar torque capacity rating.
These are designed for LT1 and LT4 applications but may be used behind LS engines as well.

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Chevrolet Performance’s 4L60 family of four-speed automatic transmissions grows stronger for 2017 with the addition of the new 4L75-E. Extensive testing in real-world conditions has proven it one of the most robust automatic transmissions on the market, with a torque capacity of 650 lb-ft, 155 lb-ft greater than the 4L70-E.

That ability makes the new 4L75-E suitable for many of Chevrolet Performance’s most powerful crate engines and also a great alternative to 4L80 series. In vehicles where installation space is at a premium, the 4L75-E is smaller and lighter than a 4L80-series transmission.

Based on the already robust design of the 4L65-E and 4L70-E, the 4L75-E features five-pinion gearsets in place of the 4L60-E’s standard four-pinion. It also incorporates a number of strengthened and unique elements including a high-strength input housing, higher-capacity servo, a more robust 3-4 clutch, and a larger, stronger 2-4 band. It is compatible with the same electronic controllers recommended for other 4L60-series transmissions.

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