Hellcat Center Sump Oil Pan, 6.2L Supercharged Hemi


This center sump pan fits the Hellcat 6.2L block only. It is required when installing a Hellcat engine into a stock K-member. The price listed INCLUDES the oil pan pickup, normally sold separately.

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Designed for very low, high horsepower cars. Big tires and improved suspensions making this pan very necessary.

This is a stock location sump pan for use in stock Chrysler B & E body chassis. Its wide sump increases capacity yet allows ample ground clearance. Fully baffled for competition use. Stock steering will not interfere with this pan.

Pan Capacity is 9 Qts. Plus Filter
Sump: 7 1/2″ Long, 13 1/2″ Wide, 8″ Deep

Milodon pan part number: 31030
Milodon pickup part number: 18349