LT4 Serpentine Drive System – Billet – Wet Sump – Supercharged 6.2L


This proven serpentine drive was engineered to fit supercharged 6.2L LT4 engines with WET SUMP oiling only.
They use the factory balancer & water pump, and include an AC compressor, power steering pump, and alternator for a simple setup. Scroll down for more details.
Lead time is approximately 3-4 weeks. The finish it comes in is black anodized only at this time. Plain finish may be available for special order.


This LT4 serpentine drive system includes:

•Powermaster 170AMP 1-wire Alternator
•Power Steering Pump (specify low flow for rack & pinion, or high flow for steering box)
•Power Steering Reservoir & Bracket
•Billet Aluminum Brackets & Stainless Steel Bolts
•A/C Compressor (Sanden, includes AC hose manifold)
•Serpentine Belts (one for S/C, one for accessories)
•Pulleys & Tensioner
•Installation Instructions

Important Note from Drive Junky: The LT4 crate engines are shipping from GM in one of two configurations as far as accessories go. They come bare with only the harmonic balancer, or bottom crank pulley, and the water pump. These systems pick up from there and include everything else you need, including the addition of a power steering pump. Like the LS there are some differences with the water pump and balancer installed on the engine from GM which depend on the vehicle they were designed to be installed in. There is a Cadillac CTSV and the Corvette variation. The water pumps differ and the belt distance from the face of the block to the belt is a bit further on the CTSV version. This system is a direct bolt on for the wet sump CTSV variant to give the option of different alternator setups (the water pump has a built in bracket on the corvette version which limits those choices, as well as packaging concerns and best belt wrap, layout etc. If you have another “version” we can accommodate those engines, please call on those. Here is an example part number of one of the correct style LT4’s for our systems. GM 19355404. We have included a photo of the correct style GM engine at the end of the picture gallery on this page.
Most of the engines going out now ship this way from GM, Especially with connect and cruise packages etc. when they are ordered as wet sump.