LT5 Serpentine / Accessory Drive System with Power Steering & A/C by Holley

$3,111.95 $2,799.95

The wait is over!
Holley has just released (Sept 2019) Complete GM Gen V LT5 Accessory Drive System w/ Alt, P/S, A/C, Water Pump, Belts, and hardware.
Reuse your factory crank pulley, but everything else comes new. This part number 20-230 is specifically for the LT5 dry sump engine, like crate engine part number 19417105

We received the FIRST production kit from Holley and installed it ourselves on an LT5. We can tell you that the installation is extremely straightforward!

1 in stock (can be backordered)


Holley’s complete accessory systems for LT4 and LT5 applications have all accessories pulled up and in tight. Plus, they add the much needed hydraulic power steering solution. There are no shortcuts here. Holley incorporates a splined dual bearing system that eliminates all belt stresses on the P/S pump’s internal bearings, assuring long life. The supercharger drive maintains the original and optimized belt path and tensioner. The accessory layout is as if the original manufacturer had designed it for your swap application. Included with each drive system is a throttle body angle correcting adapter that better positions the TB for swap applications as opposed to the aggressive original application intended angles. Versions of these accessory drives are available for both wet and dry sump applications.

-Adds power steering without any belt load on the P/S pump
-Notably more clearance to swap applications than other options
-Original equipment look
-LT4 style premium alternator
-LT4 style water pump design
-Compact SD7 A/C compressor
-A/C line adapters included
-Type II power steering pump
-P/S hard line adapters included
-Bottom outlet swivel heater hose options for swap application clearance
-Throttle body angle correcting adapter for easier intake tube routing on swap applications
-OE pulley ratios for optimal accessory performance, allows for larger SC crank pulley
-Available LT4/5 dry-sump & LT4 wet-sump applications
-LT4/5 specific accessories available for plumbing oil cooler and PCV oil separator OE system (sold separately)


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