TechAFX BlackWrap AN Hose


Blackwrap features a tough, black nylon outer layer that increases the durability of the product, reduces noise, & looks KILLER! The nylon wrap covers a stainless steel braid and our class-leading smooth-bore, conductive core PTFE for excellent performance in demanding situations.




Schwartz Performance uses TechAFX in all of our high-end car builds. Choose the best fuel hose on the market for your hotrod- and keep the fuel smell away!


Conductive Core – There is a simple way to tell if you have ‘conductive core’ PTFE hose that has been specifically developed for use with fuel, is it ‘black’ on the inside? When fuel passes through PTFE hose, it generates a mild static charge. For this reason, a coating of carbon is added to the inside diameter of PTFE hose so when the fittings are attached to each end of the hose and the hose assembly installed on the vehicle, this static charge can harmlessly transfer to the common ground of the vehicle. This static charge will buildup in non-conductive PTFE hose–which is a dangerous situation. All TechAFX PTFE hose is conductive core.

–Sizing – TechAFX BlackWrap is available in -6, -8 and -10 sizes and works with TechAFX AN fittings.

–Chemical Resistance – The Chemical Resistant PTFE core is impervious to practically all commercial chemicals, acids, alcohols, coolants, elastomers, hydrocarbons, solvents, synthetic compounds and hydraulic fluids.

–Temperature – BlackWrap’s PTFE core is highly temperature resistant. It can handle fluids used in cryogenics up to steam. The recommended temperature range for usages is from -65 F to 450 F.

–High Flow Rates & Low Friction – Due to the anti-stick properties of the PTFE, you will not experience pressure drops from accumulate deposits on the inner core.

–Flexible & Lightweight – TechAFX BlackWrap is easier to move, handle and install than rubber hose with a comparable burst pressure rating. BlackWrap can withstand continuous flexing and vibration without failure from flex fatigue.

–Moisture Resistant – TechAFX BlackWrap will no absorb moisture. So it is ideal as a pigtail in bulk gas handling and pneumatic systems where a low dew point is critical.

–Chemically Inert – BlackWrap will not break down or deteriorate in service.

–Non-Aging – BlackWrap is impervious to weather and can be stored for extended periods of time without aging. It will not age during service.

–Shock Resistant – BlackWrap is not affected by continuous flexing,vibration or impulse pressures – it can withstand alternating hot and cold cycling.

–Background on PTFE – Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is an engineered fluoropolymer commonly known by DuPont’s trade name “Teflon”. Outstanding resistance to chemicals is one of it’s primary attributes. A broad temperature range of -100F to 500F (-73C to 260C) make this hose core material suitable for the majority of fluid and ambient temperature conditions found in industry. An extremely low coefficient of friction, (0.05 to 0.20), provides a non-stick surface.Water absorption of PTFE is negligible, less than 0.01% by ASTM test. And, it is FDA-approved for food and pharmaceutical use. Smooth Bore PTFE hose is vertically extruded to maintain highest quality concentricity. BlackWrap is manufactured from DuPont’s type 62 fine grade resin, encasing braided 304 stainless steel wire. An exact amount of carbon black added to the PTFE inner core provides continuous conductive path to the metal end fittings, to bleed off static electricity in steam or high flow rate applications.

–Specs: For continuous service: -65F to 450F (-54C to 232C) For intermittent service: -100F to 500F (-73C to 260C) Meets or exceeds requirements of SAE100R14. PTFE meets FDA 21 CCFR 177.1550. Sizes -4 thru -10 are rated for full vacuum.