1965-1967 GM B-Body Impala, Biscayne Chassis



Bolt-in modern high-performance chassis for 1965, 1966 and 1967 GM B-Bodies. Want modern handling and ride quality? Welcome!

  • Chevrolet Impala / Biscayne
  • Our B-body chassis is stronger than the stock B-body frames, and does not add any weight!


Installation is simple.

  • Our bolt-in design requires NO floor cutting or fabrication**.
  • The rear rails are designed to accommodate minitubs and a 345 wide tire.
  • Factory front and rear bumper mounts are integrated.
  • New body bushings will have to be made. We can supply the material.
  • **Transmission tunnel modification may be required depending on trans choice.

Want wider tires?

  • All G-Machine Chassis allow for up to 345mm-wide rear tires if you minitub the wheel wells.
  • The Moser full-floating 9″ is built to 60″ allow for deeper dish on the rear wheels.
  • The wide front end of these vehicles allows us to fit a 295 tire comfortably, on a 10 inch wheel; possibly wider with careful measuring.


Which options do I choose?


-Our 13″ Wilwood kit is great for daily drivers and the occasional autocrosser or road racer. These require at least a 17″ diameter wheel, though some 16″ may fit.
-Step up to the 14-inch Baer/Schwartz 6P Pro-Plus and get a brake system that will suit whatever you want to do. We race our 1965 Tempest often with this brake setup. The internal parking brake system & full floater hub from Baer is fantastic, and you get 14″ 6 piston calipers on all 4 corners! Fill up that wheel with these monsters.
-The baddest kit is the Baer 6S, which is a one-piece forged caliper. This brake kit suits the hardcore roadracer, but does not sacrifice street driving.
-The 14″ brakes require a 18″ diameter wheel, however. Additionally, the Baer calipers are available in virtually any color (for a slight upcharge), while Wilwoods are available only in black, red, or polished.
brake options1

Coilover shocks:

-We use RideTech coilovers as standard on our chassis systems. The two options we offer are single-adjustable and triple-adjustable.
-Single adjustable coilovers offer 24 “clicks” of adjustment for damping, as well as ride height adjustment. These will suit the weekend autocrosser/roadracer, as well as daily drivers.
-Triple adjustable coilovers offer the same damping adjustment as the singles with the addition of high and low speed compression adjustments, and a remote reservoir. These allow you to fine-tune your suspension for a specific type of driving. These are recommended for those who are willing & able to spend time tuning the shocks, and/or for the roadracer where every thousandth of a second counts.
-Air ride is also available, please call for pricing & info.

coilover options1

Rear end housing:

-Our standard axle is a Moser full-floating 9″ style housing, with 31-spline axles. We have tested this rear end up to 900hp street cars with no issues. Contact us for higher HP, or if you’ll be drag racing it often on slicks with over 800hp. We’ll have to step up some of the options.
-The Heidts IRS option is for those craving an IRS in their musclecar. This is recommended for up to 700hp.

housing options2

Third member/differential:

-The Ford 9″ comes with a clutch-type posi. Our first option is just that, with a cast-iron center section. If you have less than 500hp and won’t be racing the car often, this is just fine for you.
-The Detroit TrueTrac differential is a helical-gear type posi, which holds up to more power than the clutch posi, lasts longer (no wearable parts), and is quiet enough for street cars.
-The stronger nodular iron case is recommended for 600+ hp and racing. Their aluminum case also holds up to higher horsepower, and is much lighter than iron cases.


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Base price includes:

  • A fully welded chassis, built on a precision jig
  • Transmission crossmember (specific to your engine/trans combo
  • All front and rear suspension components (minus coilovers): Spindles, control arms, ball joints, tie rods, power rack & pinion, aluminum front wheel hubs with bearings, and teflon-lined USA-made spherical rod ends for a quieter & bind-free suspension

Payment terms: 75% down at time of order, remaining 25% due before shipment.

Shipping: For an assembled frame, we use an enclosed car transporter. If you don’t want the frame assembled, we’ll ship it truck freight in a crate. There is a crating fee which will be determined upon ordering.

Pricing below is only for reference. Please call to order.