1929 Ford Depot Hack

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1929 Ford Depot Hack

Here's a real special project you won't see every day. The first station wagons were called Depot Hacks - their primary use were to transport people from train stations as an early form of taxi cab. They needed a vehicle that could comfortably carry passengers and all their luggage from the train station to their destination. The backs were modified to carry cargo. They were also called Carryall or Suburban, a name that still lives in Chevy's line-up today.

Frame & Suspension

  • Schwartz Performance G-Machine chassis system
  • Power steering rack
  • Ridetech single-adjustable coilovers
  • Racing style splined sway bars
  • More details to come...

One of the first 'Station Wagons' arrives at our shop

One off custom chassis fabrication

Depot Hack gets a V8

Sheet metal fabrication and mock up gallery

Body work and paint prep

Woodwork fabrication

Woodwork assembly to finished chassis gallery

Final assembly gallery

Completed gallery