Stacey David’s RCR Superlite Coupe

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Stacey David's RCR Superlite Coupe

We're known as the ultimate LS engine & twin-turbo fabricators for mid-engine kit cars. Whether you have an Ultima GTR/Can-Am, Factory Five GTM, Race Car Replica's Superlite Coupe (SL-C), or any other brand, we're there to help Stacey David came to Schwartz Performance for a twin-turbo setup and engine upgrade for the LS7-powered Superlite Coupe that he's building on GEARZ TV show. GEARZ is aired on Speed Channel, and offers a lot of technical information on upgrading all types of vehicles. Our job is to tear this LS7 engine down to nothing, and rebuild it using the best components to withstand the beating of twin Turbonetics turbochargers. Power output will be around 800hp with the current setup but the engine will be able to support 1200+. For episodes of the build, and other information, click HERE to be directed to"


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