New Project Debut: The SKART

Skart? What does that mean?
It’s a shortened version of “Schwartz Kart.”

So, a go kart?
Kind of. It’s a grown-up’s go kart.

We took our GM A-Body chassis (Chevelle, GTO, Cutlass, Skylark) and shortened it 29 inches to come up with this 83-inch wheelbase machine. We welded a bunch of tubing to it, slapped an LS1 in there backed by a T56 6-speed, some Forgelines, and got it done for the PRI Show 2019.
Yeah, easier said than done! We had a lot of hours in on this build the past 6 months… A lot of late nights to get it to PRI.

And NO, it wasn’t a “SEMA-done” or “PRI-done” car. I drove it into the show, it’s fully functioning!

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