Schwartz Performance June 2013 News

Tri-Five G-Machine Chassis
A Schwartz chassis will deliver comfort and handling for your ’55-’57 Chevy. We
incorporate the stock body mounts to keep the installation as easy as possible for
Bel Air and 210 bodies.

Want to make your shoebox Chevy handle like a late model sports car? Looking to
raise a few eyebrows at the local auto cross or road course? The all new Schwartz
Performance G-Machine Chassis will roll right under your classic tri-five body and
improve the ride quality and handling performance as if the big body was strapped
to rails.

Our G-machine chassis is a true ‘bolt-in’ as we incorporate the original body
mounting points to keep the installation process simple and you can even use the
OE fuel tank. When you add horsepower, bigger brakes and stiffer springs to the
stock chassis, you’re still going to encounter chassis flex and movement from that
58 year-old chassis and design. The Schwartz chassis is engineered to increase rigidity
while shaving weight from your shoebox.

A Schwartz chassis will improve the stance and overall driving experience of your

The Tri-Five chassis incorporates needle bearing upper A-arms and a design that
provides separate adjustments for caster and camber (without any shims!). We also
incorporate an exclusive shock mount design that allows longer shocks to be used
all the way around the car. This extra length, in combination with RideTech’s adjustable
coilover shocks, results in improved handling characteristics by eliminating coil
spring bind as seen in many street rod systems. Not only does the chassis perform
well on a road course, but the ride quality is greatly improved for every day cruising.
As for engine mounts, small block, big block and of course LS series engines can
be coupled with nearly any transmission you desire.
Enjoy the comfort and performance of your shoebox as if it were built today. Learn
more about the G-machine chassis at Tri-Five Chassis.
Shop Stuff
There are always exciting things going on in our shop and here’s a few highlights
from May. You can also view more projects and updates at
* Watch for our twin turbo big block ’67 Chevelle in an upcoming issue of Chevy
High Performance
* We’re wrapping up driveline calibration on Bobby Turner’s supercharged Coyote
powered ’69 Mustang
* Our Full Force Trans Am is being prepped with a pair of new turbos to be ready
for the Optima Faceoff at Road America later this month. Check out a video of the
car on the dyno at:

Event Highlights
The crew at Schwartz Performance is on the road all year to not only show our chassis
and components, but to prove their performance in action on road courses and other
events. Here’s where we’ve been the last few weeks.
* Our shop truck, a ’49 Chevy, won the autocross at the Goodguy’s Nationals in Nashville
and was a crowd favorite as the it put several late model Camaros and Mustangs to
*Also at the Nashville Goodguys, our ’65 Pontiac ‘Temptress’ scored a 4th place
overall finish.
*One our newer projects, a Cadillac CTS-V, placed 3rd in both the speed-stop and
the road course at the Heidts Performance Car Challenge.
Say What?
Kevin Tetz, the host of Spike TV’s show ‘Trucks’, is a car-guy too. He built his
own ’66 Mustang with our G-Machine chassis and was impressed with the results.
“The car ran great, handled great, and looked great! What a blast, and yes, I’m
totally hooked on Autocross. I drove 60 miles to the event, did three blistering
runs on the course, then drove back home with zero issues. Thanks to all for the
amazing support!!”
Media Mentions
*The June issue of ‘Hemmings Motor News’ did a nice Hot Rod Profile on our ’49 Chevy
shop truck
*The ’49 pickup was also part of a shoot-out in the May issue of Truckin’ Magazine
*We had a short feature on our shop in Project Cars Magazine, from the editors of
Car Craft

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