Hellcat Rear Sump Oil Pan, 6.2L Supercharged Hemi


This rear sump pan fits the Hellcat 6.2L block only. It is required when installing a Hellcat engine into our G-Machine Chassis. The price listed INCLUDES the oil pan pickup, normally sold separately.

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This Hellcat-specific oil pan is designed for lowered cars with front-steer suspensions where the center or front sump will not work. Includes oil pan pickup!

The wide sump increases capacity yet allows ample ground clearance. Fully baffled for competition use. Stock steering is NOT compatible with this pan! Use the center-sump Hellcat pan for stock suspensions.

Pan Capacity is 9 Qts. Plus Filter
Sump: 7 1/2″ Long, 13 1/2″ Wide, 8″ Deep

Milodon pan part number: 31032
Milodon pickup part number: 18348