Gen III Hemi & Hellcat Power Steering Pump Adapter 6AN


Our 6AN adapter fitting is made of steel for longevity, and can be used on nearly any Gen 3 Hemi power steering pump.


Let me guess. Your Mopar power steering pump didn’t come with any way to attach a hose to it?
This fitting threads right into your stock Mopar power steering pump on all Gen 3 Hemi’s (and Hellcat & Hellephant) and converts it to a 6AN male fitting. It’s made of steel! Some of the other ones out there are aluminum and you have to be extra careful to not break it when tightening into the pump, and tightening the hose end onto it. With this steel one, you can have peace of mind.
It seals with an O-ring so don’t put any thread sealer on it. Just dab a tiny bit of oil on the O-ring.