LSA – LT4 – LT5 Intercooler Quick Disconnect Fittings to -10 AN – Supercharger ZL1 Z06 ZR1


Get rid of your heater hose-infested engine bay and swap to AN hose & fittings throughout!
These fit ZL1, LT4, and LT5 supercharger intercooler fittings with a quick disconnect like OE.
Scroll down for a more detailed description.
*Sold individually*

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These are a MUST on your Gen IV LSA, Gen V LT4 or LT5 build!

These special AN adapter fittings allow you to use high performance -10 AN hose and fittings on your swap, instead of ugly rubber hose.
The quick disconnect side is machined to OE spec and uses OE spec O-rings for proper sealing.

The LSA and LT4 requires 2 fittings, and the LT5 requires 4 fittings.

**Please note the STRAIGHT fitting will NOT work on the lower port of the ZL1 lid, due to interference with the fuel rail.
Aftermarket fuel rails would be required for the straight fitting.**

These are sold individually, and you can mix & match them.
We also offer FILL CAP style adapters so you can top off the fluid, ensuring all the air pockets make it out of the system.