At Schwartz Performance, we pride ourselves on having the highest standards of craftsmanship in everything we do. The unique collaboration of diverse expertise that happens every day in our shop is the foundation of our success.

Jeff Schwartz

Jeff's background is in Racing and Manufacturing. Jeff was SCCA Chicago Region Rookie Driver of the Year in 1982, having broke 5 track records, winning the June Sprints and earning pole position at the SCCA Runoffs in a single season. Jeff raced IMSA and held an FIA License from 1983-1986. Jeff has competed in many forms of racing both cars and motorcycles. Most recently Jeff has competed in the Optima Batteries Ultimate Street Car Series in our 1965 Pontiac Tempest and various other cars. In 2022 and 2023 Jeff broke 239 Land Speed Record on 2 motorcycles and in 3 cars. Jeff's extensive background in suspension set-up for racing has given him expert knowledge on achieving maximum performance. 
Jeff brought to market the first bolt in muscle car chassis and the first bolt in full frame for Unibody cars, way back in 2006. His cars have always defied conventional expectations and earned respect and praise from industry peers. (Cadillac Attack 2002 Car Craft RSE Winner) His sincere enthusiasm for blending modern performance with classic style is the driving force behind Schwartz Performance. In his “free time”, he restores vintage motocross bikes, builds his own cars, ridies his sport bikes and dirt bikes.

Justina Schwartz



Zach started his role as the Sales Manager in 2021 and assists clients in the chassis ordering process. Zach has a background working at a corporate level providing Field Service to automotive dealerships. He was driven to the automotive aftermarket because of the niche community that surrounds the business. He enjoys working with clients to provide technical advise and make sure their chassis or full build suits their needs. Outside of work Zach spends his time working on his 1964 C10 pickup truck, compelting house projects, and spending time with friends/family. 


Vaughn is an Engineer for Schwartz Performance and has over 15 years of experience designing aftermarket suspension solutions for muscle cars. He is well versed in all suspension systems ranging from dedicated race cars to off-road rigs. Vaughn is able to drive a vehicle equipped with a Schwartz Performance G-Machine chassis and use his knowledge to continuously improve our product. If Vaughn is not at work, he is out on the Mountain Bike trails with his family. 


Clay has his Mechanical Engineering Degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering and joined the Schwartz Performance team after interning with the company while in college. Clay continuously drives the company forward using technology, such as 3D imaging and various machines. He specializes in drawing custom one-off chassis, designing IRS systems, and custom bits found on our builds. Aside from computer design, he is also an excelent tig welder and fabricator. Nights and weekends for Clay are spent working on his UTV, racing his UTV, and hanging out in his shop. 


Dick is our Shop Foreman, overseeing day-to-day operations in our fabrication and final assembly departments. He has over 30 years of experience building race cars and hot rods. He emphesises the importance of building a car that looks beautiful, functions properly, while maintaining a layout that is easily servicable. Dick can handle any task, whether it be custom sheetmetal work, fabricating twin turbo systems, or figuring out proper driver ergonomics. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, going racing and building hot rods at his home shop.

Ken Z. 

Ken is the lead of our final assembly department and has been with Schwartz Performance for 5 years. Growing up, Ken spent every weekend at the drag strip with his family running his father's 1974 Dodge van with a blown 426 Hemi. His profressional background includes building multiple SEMA cars, restoring Itallian vehicles, and working for his father's van conversion company, Mr Van Inc. Ken specializes in aftermarket automotive wiring system design/layout, vehicle plumbing, and any other tasks necessary to take a painted body shell to completion. His skills allow all of the aftermarket components in a Schwartz Performance build to work together seamlessly. 

Ken K. 

Ken is one of our experienced sheet metal fabricators and has been with Schwartz Performance for over 10 years. He is capable of hand fabricating sheet metal wide body kits and takes great pride in restoring rusty body shells. Ken has the knowledge and experience required to hand fabricate any sheet metal part required to perform a lasting repair. He is a Ford Mustang enthusiast, and still daily drives the same 68' Convertible Mustang he purchased for $250 back in 1977. Outside of work Ken attends local car shows, cruise nights, and builds model cars/boats/aircrafts. 

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