At Schwartz Performance, we pride ourselves on having the highest standards of craftsmanship in everything we do. The unique collaboration of diverse expertise that happens every day in our shop is the foundation of our success.

Jeff Schwartz

Jeff is a pioneering industry thought-leader within the classic American muscle-car world and beyond. His cars have always defied conventional expectations and earned respect and praise from industry peers. As our fearless leader (1000hp in a 2300lb Ultima that would terrify many), Jeff sets the bar for the standard of excellence we expect from every project. His sincere enthusiasm for blending modern performance with classic style is the driving force behind Schwartz Performance. In his “free time”, he restores vintage motocross bikes and enjoys riding his sport bikes.


As our lead chassis fabricator with hundreds of cars under his belt and over 35 years of experience encompassing metalwork, bodywork, painting, engine building, car design and, most importantly, chassis design, Doug is a genuine hot-rodder who appreciates anything with clean workmanship and smooth design flow. His first job was in a body shop at age 14 where he learned the importance of preparation—that the hidden/unseen work is often the most important aspect of a quality product. Whether he’s building a six-figure hot-rod destined for the show circuit or a daily-driver, his personal standard of craftsmanship is unyielding.


Jim’s experience level is unlike anyone else’s at Schwartz Performance. From Ferrari’s to old Mercedes to muscle cars, Jim has worked on just about everything at some point. Jim has been at several restoration and body shops throughout his career and knows how to get a project done the right way. Jim is also an artist, and this is reflected with the creative ideas shown on the work that he does. These skills allow him to think outside of the box, which helps Schwartz Performance stay on the cutting edge. Jim enjoys riding motorcycles and doing track days in his spare time.

Mark aka “Sparky”

Sparky’s name comes from the fact that he loves electricity. His attention to detail and electrical & wiring experience is unlike any other. If it has wires, Sparky will make it work. He has a vast knowledge of car audio systems, as well as complete vehicle wiring. In his spare time he rides his motorcycle and plays with wires.

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