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GM LS Engines

LS engines are our specialty.

Since 2002, we’ve been building high-horsepower LS engines that are street-able and reliable. Whether you’re looking for a mild 430hp stock LS3, or a wild 1800hp twin-turbo LS9, we’re your one-stop shop.

Expert Advice

  • We’ve tested many configurations of LSX components—we know what will work for your specific goal
  • We test all our products constantly on the street and track


High-mileage Horsepower

  • Our 1003hp twin-turbo LS2 Ultima GTR has over 50,000 miles and gets 23mpg
  • We tune for drive-ability and reliability, even when making high horsepower

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GM crate engines include:

  • Gen 5 Camaro oil pan (many retro-fit applications require an aftermarket pan)
  • Water pump & balancer
  • Complete intake manifold
  • Corvette automatic flexplate
  • Coil packs, spark plugs and wires


GM 430hp LS3 Crate Engine:

  • PRICE: $6,450 + FREE SHIPPING!!!

# 19301326

Schwartz Performance LS Packages:


All complete packages include:

  • New GM Crate Engine
  • Custom engine wire harness suited to your application
  • Drive-by-wire pedal
  • Necessary sensors
  • Dry sump tank & adapter (LS7 only)
  • Baseline calibration


LS3 500hp Package

  • $11,440

LS3 700hp Supercharged Package

  • Magnusen Blower
  • Schwartz Performance billet serpentine drive w/ 10-rib blower belt
  • Complete: $21,190

LS7 675hp Package

  • Complete: $19,970

LS7 730hp Package

  • Forged internals
  • Modified carb-style EFI intake
  • Schwartz Performance fuel rails
  • Schwartz Performance billet drive-by-wire throttle-body adapter
  • (Can also use FAST intake manifold)
  • Complete: $23,475

LS7 1000+hp Twin-Turbo Package

  • Call for pricing

Looking for even more power?

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LS7 Dyno Sheets:

  • 730hp @ 7200rpm



    For questions, call 815.206.2230
    Prices are subject to change without notice.